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What are the benefits of heat panels?

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly and healthy form of heating? On this page, we would like to explain the benefits of heat panels. But before we get to that, let's take a closer look at how infrared heat panels work.

How does infrared heating work?

You can best compare the effect of infrared heat panels to heat from sunrays, but without UV radiation. Where a radiator heats the air in the house, an infrared panel uses radiant heat to warm you and the objects around it. This offers many advantages! Think saving on heating costs, preventing moisture problems, an improved immune system and more. Below, we highlight some of these benefits.

Save on heating and maintenance costs

You’ve probably noticed: gas prices are currently going through the roof! In just a year, gas prices have risen by 600 to 800%. Want to save on your gas costs, without major renovation for installing a heat pump, for example? Then heat panels are an excellent choice. Infrared panels, in fact, operate entirely on electricity. And electricity is simply more economical than gas. In addition, with infrared heating you have up to 70% less maintenance costs than with conventional forms of heating, such as central heating.

No problems with draughts, moisture problems and allergies

A heat panel prevents moisture problems such as condensation or even mould. You also no longer suffer from dry air or draughts. This is because when using an infrared panel, the air is not heated and therefore does not circulate. This also prevents dust, pollen and bacteria from swirling around the room. In short: a relief for people with allergies! Moreover, the long-wave infrared radiation does not penetrate the skin and is therefore harmless.

TIP: Do you get a lot of condensation on your bathroom mirror after showering? Then take a look at an infrared mirror with LED. Thanks to the heating element, this mirror does not fog up!




Efficient and sustainable heating

You come home to a cold house after a long working day and decide to turn on the heating. Only by the time you go to bed does it start to get pleasant. You don't want to consume unnecessarily, so you turn off the heating. When you wake up in the morning, it's cold again. Sound familiar? With a heat panel, you won't experience this problem. This is because a heat panel emits radiant heat to the objects in range.

Are you in range of the panel? Switch it on and enjoy the pleasant warmth within minutes! Are you leaving the heated zone? Then simply turn the infrared panel off. You will then not feel any heat anymore, as the air is not heated. It will save you a lot of money and is better for the environment! Because it runs on electricity, a heat panel does not emit CO2 during operation. Do you generate your own energy through solar panels? Very eco-friendly of you!

Improve your immune system

The use of heat panels is beneficial when combined with many types of health treatments. For instance, it increases skin elasticity and promotes blood circulation. This is largely due to preventing the air from drying out. Central heating not only heats the air but also dries it out. This is not the case with heat panels, as they do not heat the air, but objects around it. Low humidity in the home also often manifests itself in irritated airways, dry eyes or skin complaints. In short: with infrared panels, you prevent these symptoms and improve your immune system.

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