Terrace fireplaces

With a terrace fireplace, you get to enjoy an atmospheric and crackling fire outdoors. Choose from sturdy fire bowls, unique fire baskets and robust outdoor fireplaces. Which eye-catcher will you opt for?

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Livn vuurkorf Jada Livn vuurkorf Jada
€ 154,00

Livn vuurschaal Jada Livn vuurschaal Jada
€ 114,00

Livn vuurschaal Nara Livn vuurschaal Nara
€ 144,00

Livn vuurschaal Bili Livn vuurschaal Bili
€ 54,95

Livn terrashaard Sama Livn terrashaard Sama
€ 279,00

Livn vuurkorf Oyo Livn vuurkorf Oyo
€ 54,95

Livn terrashaard Mani Livn terrashaard Mani
€ 149,00
Temporarily sold out
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