Seamlessly integrate a Livn built-in fireplace into your interior with a (homemade) surround. These electric fireplaces are almost indistinguishable from a built-in gas fireplace.

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Livn inbouwhaard Fey WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Fey WiFi
€ 549,00

Livn inbouwhaard Marly WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Marly WiFi
€ 749,00

Livn inbouwhaard Noville WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Noville WiFi
€ 849,00

Livn inbouwhaard Essence 140 WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Essence 140 WiFi
€ 1.799,00

Livn inbouwhaard Essence 160 WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Essence 160 WiFi
€ 1.999,00

Livn inbouwhaard Essence 200 WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Essence 200 WiFi
€ 2.599,00

Livn inbouwhaard Duvin WiFi Livn inbouwhaard Duvin WiFi
€ 819,00
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Built-in fireplaces with useful extras

Looking for a built-in fireplace for the living room or bedroom, for example? Livn built-in fireplaces are of excellent quality and offer convenient features. We have highlighted a few of them below.

Thermostat function for energy saving
All Livn built-in fireplaces have a thermostat function. Does the room temperature deviate less than one degree from the set temperature? Then the fireplace heats at 1000 W. Does the temperature deviate by more than one degree? Then the built-in fireplace uses 2000 W to reach the desired temperature. The fireplace switches off as soon as the set temperature is reached.

Wi-Fi function for easy operation
Want to control your built-in fireplace from the comfort of your armchair? Besides the remote control, this can also be done with your smartphone. Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi network, download the free Livn app once, pair the built-in fireplace and you're done!

Realistic 3D LED flame effect
The flame effect of our built-in fireplaces in almost indistinguishable from real flames. With the push of a button, you get to enjoy the realistic flames thanks to 3D LED technology. Did you know you can also enjoy the atmospheric flame effect without the heating function? That means you can enjoy the fireplace all year round!