Shade cloths

Create a shaded spot during the hot summer days with a shade cloth. The cloths block up to 95% of UV rays. Available in various types and sizes.

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Create a shaded area in your outdoor space

From triangular to square and from windproof to waterproof. Livn has a suitable shade cloth for every situation. Our shade cloths are divided into three collections: Iseo, Como and Livigno.

Iseo shade cloths
The Iseo line consists of our lowest-priced shade cloths. They are made of HDPE and have an open weave structure. This ensures that the fabric is wind-permeable and provides cooling on a hot summer day. Besides wind, the shade cloth also allows water to pass through.

Como shade cloths
Looking for a water-repellent shade cloth? Then choose a Como shade cloth with a fabric thickness of 160 g/m2. Como shade cloths are made of polyester with a breathable Teflon coating on the outside and PU coating on the inside. The shade cloth, with a water column of up to 400 mm, protects you from a light rain shower.

Livigno shade cloths
The Livigno line consists of waterproof shade cloths with a water column of up to 500 mm. Like the Como range, the sun protection fabric is made of high-quality polyester with a special coating. This protects the cloth from dirt, sun and ageing. With a fabric thickness of 270 g/m2, Livigno shade cloths are the heaviest in our range.